The truth about why Nursing Homes are being hit hard by COVID

From someone who works in one. Listen…some of you are entirely uneducated about nursing homes…and it shows. I see the comments: “Oh they’re so dirty”, “oh they’re lazy”. Ok, I’ll give you that there are absolutely some lousy ones out there. Trust me. I know. But not all of them.

Mine has an insanely low turnover rate. Low,  as in the majority of the workers  have been there for YEARS! I mean 20 years plus. And we have plenty of staff. As of now, we’re still negative. But…we may pop positive. And it won’t be because we’re lousy workers.

HIPPA has specific laws that must be followed. Insurance companies have specific rules that must be followed.

                        Here’s where these things collide for the perfect storm. 

HIPPA laws can conflict each other. For instance: In our facility the state passed a rule. Zero bed rails. Bed rails are considered a restraint. But this is a conflict for those who need the bedrail simply to pull themselves up. Essentially removing the bedrail, has cost them their freedom of mobility. They literally can no longer pull themselves into a sitting position. Those with epilepsy are suddenly in very real danger of falling to the floor. For these situations, they have to sign wavers agreeing to wave HIPPA laws against bed rails. Because for them, they prefer the freedom to not fall off the bed or fall onto the floor.

Not to mention, the lack of bed rails has suddenly thrust the workers into serious injury catagories. Without the resident being able to use bed rails to assist us by pulling themselves up a little, we’ve now got the added weight to bare…and trust me, we feel it daily. I’m not sure if any of you have ever had to dead lift people who are often two or three times your own weight…but it’s painful. Yes we have mechanical lifts. But…we still have to constantly roll them back and forth just to get them on the pad.The pad must be entirely flat and centered underneath their bodies.  The pad is then hooked to the lift. When they have no rail to hold onto and help assist by pulling themselves over….it becomes a solid push or pull from us. And with obesity being the number one cause of diabetes, heart disease, loss of mobility, strokes etc…obviously, nursing homes are typically filled with people who in all honesty, weigh quite a bit. That’s not an insult, it’s fact. Often their own families can’t get them  to the toilet on their own etc… hence the admission. Not all are there for that reason, but many are.  So that’s one way that HIPPA can and has backfired.

Here’s another: People with dementia wander all day and night. It’s a constant pacing. HIPPA states they obsolutely have the right to do so. And they should! These are human beings. At any point in time, it can be any one of us. Would you want to be locked in a room?

Now typically, nursing homes have several catagories within the facility. Skilled unit (need extra monitoring and care, typically ill or struggling). Behavior unit (usually encompassing everything from severe mental illness to dementia etc..). Simple injury recovery (where daily they go to physical therapy and later are discharged home). Assisted living (basic assistance). Hospice and terminal residents (sent in for comfort care until death). Respite care (sometimes families just  need a break and then the individual goes home).

Now in all cases, there are HIPPA guidelines. Freedom from abuse and neglect. Restraints are abuse. While there are lockdown units (which require very specific guidelines and lots and lots of paperwork), many homes do not have these and those that do, still do not lock the bedroom doors within the unit. They have ankle monitors within that unit. And those without a lockdown unit, also have ankle monitors. These allow the residents the freedom to wander, but they  alert the staff if they’re trying to walk out of  the door and onto the highway. These are reserved strictly for those who absolutely cannot make their own decisions. The people wearing them, do not understand bounderies or borders. They do not grasp the seriousness of the situation. They have zero concept of a what a contagion is.

Ok, moving onto insurance companies. When you are ill, your insurance company will pay only  what THEY deem to be neccessary. That is fact. Currently, those with COVID are being sent home on oxygen and told to dial 911 if they cannot breathe.

Ok fine. You go home and you’re only exposing your small household. Nursing homes…ARE the home. While non essential appointments are canceled, emergencies are NOT.

Chest pain? They’re getting shipped out.

Signs of stroke? They’re getting shipped out.

Severe long lasting seizure? Protocol dictates…they get shipped out.

But this means, they’re thrust into a hospital environment where they can absolutely come into contact with COVID. Locking down the nursing home from families, can cut down on transmission but it won’t prevent the spread. Insurance companies kick hospitlized residents back. They go “well the chest pain was treated…go home”. 

For nursing home residents…the nursing homeis HOME!

So what is the protocol for that? A quarantine unit. Sounds great right? 


   Again…there are issues. A quarantine unit is typically a closed off hallway or floor. Let’s say you’ve got 10 people in that quarantine hall. Let’s say all of them  were sent out within the past 14 days to several different hospitals, depending on their families choice of location or insurance company. Then they were kicked back home by the hospital and the insurance companies.

Of those 10 people, let’s say 3 are dementia wandering residents. Nobody knows yet who may be carrying it. For all you know, maybe only one came back with it. Testing can easily give a false negative in the very beginning. And yes, we’re all testing.  The hallway is closed off, but LEGALLY you can NOT LOCK THEM IN ROOMS. It’s a nursing home and that would be a clear violation of HIPPA. It’s not a prison. It’s their home. So if the ONE positive turns out to be one  of those wandering residents….you have a problem. Dementia residents will not wear a mask. They have aboslutely no idea why you’re even trying to reach towards their face to put one one?!?! More then likely, you will get hit, kicked, punched, bit or scratched. Because to them, you’re full on assaulting them by reaching for their face. They don’t even know who the hell you are. And they absoluetely will walk in and out of every room they can. They will touch things in the rooms and the people in the rooms. They don’t know any better. So if the other 9 people were negative when they first came back from the hospital, they can still pick it up while sitting in quarantine.
And this is where the conflict comes inHIPPA also dictates the right to safety! 

   This goes back to the bedrail conflict. Same scenario…one right is violating another right.

   The right of one person not to be restrained, may violate the right of   another person to basic safety.

We deal with this daily! And it’s not just during COVID.  This is community living. Yes there are nurses and doctors. Yes: there are crash carts, oxyen tanks, IV’s , medications etc…. but those are secondary to the fact that this is their home. It’s a home with medical care available around the clock. But it’s a HOME. It’s their LEGAL ADDRESS. 
Locking the facilities to family members? ok…but it’s not going to stop it from entering the building. There are still neccessary people coming and going. When people are brought back from the hospital, they enter on a gurney with two paramedics. When the state surveyors pop in to make sure everythings being done properly, they’re coming from other facilites first. When the docs come in, they’re coming from other facilities too.

The staff was trained and knows how to wash their hands. They know how to don PPE. They’re not stupid. But they’re also wearing fabric masks, when up until february…N95 was the only thing LEGALLY acceptable. You actually would have failed clinicals for saying fabric was ok for an airborne virus?!?! They’re being told to wait for the positives before they bring out the N95’s because there won’t be enough. But we’re well aware of the fact that it spreads with NO SYMPTOMS. We’re all sitting on powder kegs and we know it.

BUT WE SHOW UP! We show up because we LOVE THEM. It damn sure isn’t for the money. The money is terrible. COVID isn’t the only exposure. We deal with every single bodily fluid and every single disease. And if we don’t have the proper gear for COVID, I can ASSURE you…we don’t have it for the other airbone stuff either.  That’s what they mean by healthcare workers and VIRAL LOAD. It’s a larger viral load all at once, on the bodies of healthcare workers. Not only are there multiple variations of COVID but…there are other diseases. 

Nursing homes are not just a bunch of people who are ‘old’ and that’s their biggest problem.  PEOPLE COME IN FOR A REASON! We deal with the blood, feces, urine, pus, mucus etc… well within six feet. Fortunately,  for a lot of airborne stuff , we have basic antibodies. Also, many things don’t require an N95. But even getting the flu or just coming off of the flu… and then contracting  COVID…would probably SUCK!  We see the same things as hospitals: Ecoli, Hep C, Herpes, Flu, HIV, CDiff, Syphilis, MRSA, Pneumonia, Shingles, Bronchitis, Strep, Staph …etc… We don’t sit in a hidden lab and  grow it in a dish?!?!…we accept it when they are admitted!

And I cannot begin to tell you how much it upsets me to see some of the stupid comments online. The second an article states a nursing home has COVID…somebody always says “it must be super dirty”.

   I could argue that if you catch it in YOUR HOUSE…YOU MUST BE DIRTY TOO! 

The staff  are showing up during a pandemic of epic proportions. The staff  are risking their own lives and the lives of their own family members…to take care of someone elses.

                           TRUST ME! They’re doing their level best to PREVENT IT! 

   We all are! Do you honestly think we want to see the people we’ve been caring for…the people we genuinely love…do you honestly think we want to watch that sweep through our halls? And to see their families suffer? We love their family members too. We miss them like crazy right now! Their family members matter to us. We miss seeing their daughters and sons. We miss laughing with them. We miss their hugs. It’s absolutely heartbreaking to see them through windows. It’s horrible  to see their tears. I have a mom and dad  too .  I miss hugging them. I can’t go visit because my job puts me in the path of this crap.. I can basically wave from their front yard. It’s awful! This is AWFUL FOR ALL OF US! 

   Just stop passing blame. I don’t blame the hospitals ?!?  The same laws we have, apply to them as well.

This is a virus. It does not respect borders. And we are trying! It is so damn hard to get in the car every morning. An honestly, if COVID doesn’t kill us….the stress will. So just stop the accussations and name calling. Unless you want to come and help us…we honestly don’t need your critism. And I can promise you…plenty of nursing homes are hiring!

Bedroom Make-Over

Finally! The past week seemed to drag on, while I awaited my shipment. It’s been a long while since I’ve done any sort of bedroom make-over. This time, I decided to go with blue hues and yellow accents. I’m trying to stick to this years color picks. And quite frankly, my room was bland, boring and in no way interesting. Now that I have a color pattern, I have an excuse to collect little odds and ends. That’s always a bonus!





Interior Design 2020: Classic Blue

Pantone’s color of the year, has arrived. And this year, it’s a genuine favorite. Classic Blue!





For reference to years past:


The great thing about this years color? It will easily transition into the colors of years past. I mean, most of us aren’t going to throw out everything we ownevery single year. You can either accent last years color, or use last years color as the accent.

*Click Here for Pantone*

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Friends Pushing Pyramid Schemes



 We’ve all dealt with it in one form or another.

   A friend starts off a conversation seemingly interested in your life, quickly shifting into “Hey! You should try Beach Body!”

    Pyramid schemes are everywhere these days. What is a pyramid scheme you ask?

pyr·a·mid scheme
  1. a form of investment (illegal in the US and elsewhere) in which each paying participant recruits two further participants, with returns being given to early participants using money contributed by later ones.
  2.                                                                                  *Google Dictionary*
   And those are just to name a few. In the end, nobody but the company developer wins. Sellers try to make a dime off their friends and family, by constantly pestering them to buy their products. For this, people make maybe 10-20% off the sale, which usually has to be signaficant to even get that much. Mostly, they get nothing. They’ve spent more money organizing a party, that friends and family feel obligated to attend. Which sucks for the friends and family.

   I mean people care about their friends and family….but why is it their job to pay your bills? What if they have our own bills? What if they don’t have it?  What if they do have it…

    but they’re smart enough to know they can get that 15$ Thirty-One makeup bag for 1$ at the Dollar Tree??? 
   Sellers would have to sell thousands of products to break even. Meanwhile, they try to rope in more sellers. And what do friends and family have to do to become one? Typically buy their own starter kit...somewhere around 300-500$. They won’t sell anything either, but the head of the pyramid scheme makes bank. 
   The worst part of the whole thing? CONSTANT HARASSMENT! For instance on Facebook…OMG…they sure try to sell a lot of that stuff on Facebook. Some friend who you think is really interested in your life, starts off with “How are the kids? OMG. That’s wonderful!” Then they talk about how maybe they struggled with weight loss for a while, but things are finally looking up… bla bla bla…then… 


“Girl, you know you can have a Beach Body too!”

  You can’t go a fricken day without a damn pyramid scheme rolling through your feed. In a total move of desperation, you start scanning through all your social media feeds…
  • Google +
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Linked In
   And so on…..

   You find yourself blocking friends and family, just to get it to stop. They post in the comment section below your pics and somehow turn a cute picture of your adorable new grandbaby, into a sales pitch for Pampered Chef...”OMG! Your grandson is so cute! Congrats! You know…you could make him sugar cookies all day long with Pampered Chef!”


   Ladies….it’s time to end the needless suffering of your friends and family. Find a hobby, a career or a day job. If that’s not cutting it…get another. Nobody wins in pyramid schemes…except the developer…and he/she…is laughing his/her ass off, all the way to the bank! 

DIY Valentine’s Day 2020 Decor Ideas

Valentine’s Day Tree

   With Christmas Decor around 75% off by January, it’s super cheap and easy to come up with Valentine’s decorations for literally PENNIES!  Not to mention the ease of simply recycling your existing Christmas ornaments, for Valentines. Why bother taking down the tree?

You can recycle white or red Christmas bows by simply removing the staples. 

 Alot of the marked down Christmas ornaments are absolutely perfect for Valentines. I picked up these masquerade masks for .50. 





  Or how about recycling gift paper and old clothes for a stunning Valentines Day centerpiece?

Add an empty wine bottle and a champagne flute….

The possibilites are limitless! 

DIY 3D Coffee Sculpture with Beaded Steam

                                  (Also on my sister site: Midlife Daydreams)
If you eat, sleep and breathe coffee, this DIY is for you.
   This project can be modified in so many ways, it’s ridiculous. So use what you have on hand. I used a ton of recycled stuff. But you will definately need Modge Podge. ( Plaster of Paris or Paper Mache add to drying time and weight of the sculpture). It runs anywhere from 7$ to 12$, depending on the size of the bottle. Also, for this particular sculpture, I chose gloss. I felt that matte just wouldn’t make it pop as much, especially under the spotlights.
Basic list of things you will need:
  • Recycled gift boxes LOTS!(any type of thinner and bendable card board would probably do, but I liked the light weight feel of gift -shirt- boxes). Plus it’s hanging over my doorway and my kids like to slam things. I can’t chance heavy plaster falling on their heads.
  • Modge Podge (go for the larger jar. Typically runs around 12$).
  • Sponge Brushes
  • Recyled wrapping paper (or newspaper. I like the wrapping paper, because it’s white on the back and I only needed one coat of paint).
  • Acrylics or oil paints (either will do).
  • Scraps of fabric
  • Jewelry wire (it’s light weight. But if you prefer a heavier wire, that’s fine too, but beads have to be able to slide on). 
  • Assorted Beads
  • 3 small ceiling or wall hooks
  • Scissors
  • Stapler (makes life so much simpler).
  • Scraps of mismatched stationary paper (used for spelling out the word COFFEE. If you prefer a uniform look, use whatever you like).
  • Small Pliers (only if you need them. Jewelry wire is super easy to bend and twist).
Optional: Hot Glue Gun. (If you want to embellish your mug)
Optional: Empty Gift Wrap Tube (if you want to add a stir stick to your mug. I decided against it, but I did include a photo with it).
   I seriously LOVED using old gift boxes as my base. They were super easy to bend and lightweight. For the back, I lined up and stapled together a basic backboard, cut to the size I wanted. And then I simply cut and bent the boxes to shape my mug. I used glue reinforced by staples. 
   Don’t worry about it being roughly thrown together. The Modge Podge will seal the paper you’re coating it with. Similiar to paper mache, but you paint  the Modge Podge directly on the cardboard under where you will be placing your strips of paper, then cover with a strip of paper, then coat that with more Modge Podge.
Which brings us to the paper. I used wrapping paper, cut into strips and in reverse. Make sure you put rolled up gift boxes or cardboard inside the mug, to hold it’s shape. I even tethered the back to the front with a small strip of fabric. So once it’s hanging, it doesn’t start to get droopy.
I let it cure over night!
   Next, put on however many coats of paint you want. I only put on one. I wanted it to have a mocha cream feel to it.
   Allow the paint to dry. Then it’s time to trim it neatly around the edges. For my ‘frame’, I chose a silky gold fabric. I used a ton of modge podge. Under, over and in between. Tucking the fold under, so it wouldn’t have a jagged edge. When it drys, it’s shiny and stiff.
   I used a yellow fabric scrap for my banner. Sealing it on with Modge Podge. Both under and over the fabric. The messier you are with the Modge Podge, the better. It will dry into a hard clear gloss.
   I used stationary scraps for my letters. I wanted a mismatched artsy feel. Again, coat completely in Modge Podge. Over and under.
   Next is the steam. I really wanted to almost be ‘interactive’. Definately 3D. So i stapled wire to the back of the mug board, then added a bead every couple of inches. Leave it long. It will be anchored to the wall or ceiling, once mounted.


I Ok, so the as I said in the beginning, the straw is optional. Since the inside of the mug is filled with rolled gift boxes to hold it’s form, you can easily slide a straw in there.
   You can hang it with screws, but honestly. It’s a stiff lightweight cardboard and a staple gun makes a much smaller hole. And make sure to leave room to anchor the steam to the wall or ceiling with your hooks.
And viola! Your very own pop art coffee sculpture.
Thanks for checking out my DIY. If you liked this idea, please share!


SEO Writing Basics

SEO Writing. What exactly is it? Simply put: SEO writing is the art of inserting key words and phrases into an article. And by ‘key words and phrases’, I mean the words typed into the Google search engine. Google uses algorithms to determine your content and it’s relevance on whatever the subject may be. These key words and phrases have the ability to optimize your site and give it higher rankings within a search engine.

For instance  if I’m looking for information on my cat’s health, my search phrase would be ‘cat health’. When I type in my phrase, Google will show me a list of sites on proper cat care and how to keep track of my pets overall health. Proper SEO writing,  would have included the phrase ‘cat health’ throughout their article.

In some situations, the phrase may not flow. Let’s say a person is looking for a heart doctor in Cleveland. They may type in (cardiologist Cleveland). And inserting that phrase into an article  repeatedly, can sound rather off-putting. In this case, realize that Google doesn’t always look at the punctuation in the article. So you could phrase (cardiologist Cleveland) in several ways, still combining the words as a phrase. For instance: “If you’re looking for  a   well skilled (cardiologist, Cleveland) is well known for…..” 

At the same time,you can bog down the article with ‘too much’ SEO writing. It’s called over-optimizing. More then 10 times, is too much. And it may drop you in the rankings.

Tips for SEO writing:

  • Consider your audience
  • Create a flow. Don’t just pop the phrase in there.
  • Reread your article several times. How does it sound?
  • Add your keywords and phrases as you go along, or after. It’s like Lego building. Which block goes best and where?
  • Practice your key phrases. Insert random keywords into Google and see what pops up. And when reading your article, try to imagine which words you would type in to find it.
  • Include the key phrase in the title and html.
  • Interview experts. Being able to direct quote experts on the topic  is extremely helping at driving traffic to your site.
  • Try to get at least 300-500 words in the article.
  • Advertise your article. Put your link up on as many blog friendly sites as possible. LinkedIn, Reddit and StumbleUpon are well known for this. And they work!

In closing, SEO writing is a way to optimize your site in the search engines, driving more traffic in your direction.

If you liked this article, feel free to leave me a comment or a link-back. Both are always appreciated. And stay tuned for an upcoming article on:  ‘the basics of HTML coding’.

SEO Writing Basics

Over 40 Fashion Sense…eh…screw it

Fashion Sense?  Mine is…well….hmmmm…..

It’s not that I don’t care what I look like on a daily basis. It’s more or less lack of time. It’s just easier to clip my hair up and throw on whatever I bothered to throw in the wash. Did I mention I have children?!? And honestly, I love them all dearly…truly I do… but how do I find the time for anything, let alone dressing up?

If you’re over 40, you know the struggle. Everything takes longer. It’s not as simple as it used to be. And 90% of the time, I’m driving kids from point A to point B. I’d make a fortune as a taxi service, if I started charging my kids for services. Add my job to the mix and forget about it! Zero time.

I mean …I’m currently writing this at 11:18 PM just so I can be alone for 10 minutes! 


Basically…it’s just too much work to bother.. My hair is thinner now …

I am 41.

Did I forget to mention that?

Essentially, I have to ‘fake it’ with my hair. This typically requires curling and teasing, then a lifting spray. My hairs rather long, so it can be hard to get a decent lift. I have cut it in the past, but I hated it! Mostly because I couldn’t just throw it in a bun anymore. Styling takes time. I believe we have established…I have none. And just this year, I started finding  WHITE HAIRS! No…really….ugh. I pulled them out, but it was no use. The bastards grew back. You can’t really see them, but I assure you…

they’re still fricken there!

And my face….well….what do I not have to complain about here???

  • dry skin
  • age spots
  • crows feet
  • those weird forehead wrinkles…crap I hate those things!!!!
  • yellow bumps from skin damage…on my EYEBALLS! It’s called Pinguecula
  • receding gums…it’s mild, but it’s there
  • dark circles…ugh…just shoot me
  • red blemishes just below my neck…again…too much sun

Basically…a boat load of spackle is required, and I flat out don’t feel like dealing with it. I don’t want to deal with primers and foundations (and I don’t really give a shit how light and fluffy it is advertised to be)… glosses, mascara, powders and shadows. I’m not trying to go all ‘Rembrandt’  first thing in the morning. It’s hard enough to find the time to drink my required two gallons of coffee  just to function!.

As far as clothing goes…ugh…here we go again….

  • I’m thin…but…I’m saggy, so not proportioned.
  • My butt has either morphed or melted into the back of my upper thighs. Belts are now required!!!


  • Where in the name of  Zeus’s pie-hole… did my boobs go?!?! And why do they feel the need to hide in my armpits when I’m laying down?!?! WHY????


  • Veins…seriously….do I really need to elaborate here?
  • Feet…ugh..ok…four kids in and flat as the earth is wide. “Forget about it” <—this must be said in a strong Italian accent. 
  • It’s not that I have a gut. It’s that I have no lift. Because if I push my boobs up to their proper location…my stomach is flat as a board. Some of you will totally get what I mean. (This also works with my butt…my thighs basically fade away if I yank my butt up to it’s proper place…not that I’m running around yanking on my butt or anything…maybe). 

I mean …

why bother???

And did I mention the popping sounds? Yes…crap just pops for any reason at all. Standing up? Pop. Sitting down? Pop. Walking? Pop. Bending over? Pop. Everything pops…every-fricken-thing. 

And I haven’t even hit menopause yet?!?!

WTF will that be like?!?!?!

  • hot flashes?
  • mood swings?
  • weird hair growth locations?
  • Dammit….is this a cocka-may-mee mood swing?!?!?

Whatever…you know…I intended for this to be a post about  Fashion Over 40. As in; hot spring clothing trends and hairstyles. 

But now I just want a cookie and a glass of wine. (Wait…wine just means I’ll have to pee again in two minutes. I think I’ll try to keep the peeing at my usual 5 minute intervals tonight).


Top Ten Ways To Make Money From Home

After careful research, I’ve come up with a list of  “Top Ten Ways To Make Money From Home”. Having been a stay-at-home-mom, I completely get the whole ‘short on cash’ thing. It can be hard to come up with extra ways to save, when you’ve got mouths to feed. Not to mention often times it’s cheaper to stay home, then it is to pay for daycare! That’s actually why I didn’t leave the house for around 14 years.

So without further delay, here’s my list:

SWAGBUCKS – essentially, SWAGBUCKS pays you to watch videos, check your email, take surveys, play games  and browse the net. It’s a rewards sight with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Sign up here and get 5$ from SWAGBUCKS. (Link opens in new tab).

WRITE AN ARTICLE – Content sites generally pay well for well written articles. 

*The Dollar Stretcher: Articles on ‘Living Better for Less’

*MATADOR: “original writing and visual storytelling about travel, culture, and political commentary


thredUP – Sell your stuff! Specifically clothing.    


Have a some amazing pics? Good enough to sell? Try FOAP. FOAP buys photos for companies to use in their advertising.


Try AMMAS. Whatever you’re an expert on, can get you cash! Just sign up.


This one is actually kind of fun! Find freebies anywhere and everywhere. Curbside, Free-Cycle sites,  Craigslist etc…Then flip them for cold hard cash! One man’s junk is another man’s treasure!


The best sell site for crafts,  is ETSY. However AMAZON, while not specifically a craft site, may be another option. But Amazon charges 3.99$ a month to sell. I don’t mess with EBAY anymore. But that’s my own personal choice.


Write books for Kindle. 


Try LISTVERSE. This site pays for nothing but lists! Seriously. Lots and lots of lists!


YOUTUBE pays! Seriously. As long as what you video is something others will actually want to watch. Simply click on the Creator Studio under your YOUTUBE handle. Just don’t include any licensed songs or copied material. It must belong to ONLY you.

I could actually make this list quite a bit longer, but I need to call it quits for tonight. I’ll add more when I can. But currently I have a house full of 12 year-olds…oh…yay…


Avocado Banana Crepes

This simple recipe is fantastic! I just made them this morning and I’m still gorging on them as I type. I had an avocado that I needed to use up. Crepes are the go-to for any extra fruits and veggies.


2 large eggs

1/4 teaspoon salt

1 cup  flour

1 1/4 cups (or more) milk 

Melted butter

1 Avocado

2 bananas

*Coconut Oil


Mix eggs and salt in large bowl.Whisk in flour, then 1 1/4 cups milk.  Let stand 1 hour.

(Add more milk by tablespoonfuls to batter to thin if needed).

Heat skillet over medium-high heat. Add coconut oil.

Pour 1/3 cup batter into skillet and swirl to coat bottom evenly.

Cook until top appears dry, loosening sides of crepe with spatula, about 45 seconds. Turn and cook until brown spots appear on second side, about 30 seconds. Turn crepe out onto plate. Repeat with remaining batter, brushing skillet with butter and stacking crepes on plate.


Peel and slice your avocado and bananas.


Add some coconut oil to your skillet…


Fry to a slightly crispy outer texture…


Add to your crepes and enjoy! (If you want it sweeter, go ahead and add sugar to the frying pan or sprinkle directly on the crepes).