Holiday’s Are Here Again!

Thought I’d spruce up my blog with a little Christmas theme. While I’m at it, I may as well throw in a few holiday decor ideas.

It’s 2013 and November is upon us! If you’re at all like me, you haven’t even gotten to the turkey yet and you’re busily preparing for Christmas.  I know…shame, shame, shame….but alas…it’s my house and I just don’t care! Christmas is an amazing time of year and I think this year we needed a little holiday pick me up…..earlier then usual.  So far we’ve only had one day of snow, but it was enough! It was enough to bring back all of those wonderful childhood memories of igloos, sledding, cocoa, soup, picking out our boots and tons of quilts on the bed.  I could go on and on, but I’m trying to get to the point 😀 And it didn’t take long for my holiday fever to set in and start digging through the decor boxes.  So without further delay, here are this years holiday tid-bits:


For our basement tree, I used those giant outdoor plastic bulbs! Our kitty often sleeps down there and plastic bulbs are a must.


Of course, don’t forget your priceless one of a kind ornaments!


Lights…lights….lights….put them EVERYWHERE! Christmas and most of the other seasonal holidays, are all about LIGHT! Just don’t forget to unplug them at night and when you’re out.


My mother-in-law gave us a beautiful Italian Santa this year, to add to our Santa Collection.


YES...there are even Santa’s for the Man-Cave 😉


Another timeless tradition….the holiday table.  I absolutely love decorating the kitchen table! And with so many days in the month, you can change it daily and never grow bored. A classic Norman Rockwell bulb from Grandma, adds a quaint conversation starter to the table.


ALWAYS…I REPEAT...always, have a snack on hand for surprise holiday guests! Table setting is crucial here….keep the table setting ever changing and fun.  And doesn’t need to be a boring potted plant.


Along with the snack…beverages! Keep them handy 😉 Both alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages.


Villages! You can never go wrong with Christmas Villages. And you can’t have too many. Plus…they can be INSANELY cheap AND they can be added to yearly.


Don’t forget the bathroom….here, simple is best.  No fabric/other material/non-washable items. Our guests like to know that every surface is clean. And some of us have a hard enough time going without having to  solve some crazy mental puzzle of insanity in the bathroom….;)


Candles of all shapes and sizes are a YES!!!! The more detailed candles, such as the snowman village below, are usually found in specialty shops.


Don’t forget those adorable, Christmas Past photos. A cute holiday frame is just the thing to catch the eye. These frames can be found pretty much anywhere! Thrift Stores, Dollar Stores, Department Stores etc…..with so many to choose from, you may need more pics! 😀


And when it’s all said and done, it’s time to put those feet up, sit back and relax with a great cup of cocoa….


Making silly faces is a must!

PS: Little side-bar here….yes that is a fuzzy spot on the pics….my cam has a small scratch and I’m just not inclined to purchase a new one yet. 😀



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