Tangy Boneless Pork Chops…..with a side of Slaw


Mmmmmm…..Tangy chops!  Well…..sort of. The Leeks in the recipe, bring it down to earth…..I love how root plants, have a tendency to do that 😉  This is a great fall/winter recipe. The colors, the aroma and the flavor all work together to bring that warm cozy feeling to the kitchen.

To start, I put my chops in a pan….dripping in Balsamic dressing. (Make sure to get a nice thick cut! Nothing says ‘home cooked meal’, like a thick chop!  No wimpy chops allowed!)  I’ve found that most of the vinegar and oil based salad dressings, making a fabulous marinade. If you don’t have Balsamic, Italian works just fine!  I’ve even used Raspberry Vinegar Dressing with much success!


(Yes…in the pic above, I also have bone-in-chops in the bowl….but those are for tomorrow 😉

While your chops are soaking in the marinade, go ahead and start chopping your toppings! My favorite part! Again, don’t be afraid to substitute and make the recipe your own. The idea is the canvas, what you choose to do with it….that’s entirely up to you.  I chose oranges, leeks and garlic. Then I added some sea-salt, Italian seasoning and peppercorns.


Make sure to completely cover your chops in whatever you choose….Apples are AWESOME on Pork Chops!


Then make sure to cook it all the way through….never eat rare pork!

While that’s cooking, how about a side of slaw?


Easy Peasy…Cabbage, Red Cabbage, Carrots, mayo (although some, prefer salad dressing)….and a package of coleslaw mix.


And once those chops are done…sit back with the family and enjoy the season!

~I chose to get the bulk of my meat and produce at Fligners . So far, the food tastes great! So give it a try.  Next week, I’ll be taking a trip to Cleveland West Side Market, don’t worry…you’re all going with me in spirit!  I’m big on picture taking!


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