Vegetarian Tofu Valentine Recipe


So…this one was FUN! Tofu is soooo easy to play with! LOL

This recipe is extremely EASY! And may I also suggest, the tofu can be cut to any shape, so this recipe can be modified for any holiday or lesson! For instance: Letters, Shapes, Colors…the choices are endless, so use your imagination.  As far as time, I whipped this up in about ten minutes!


First I cut the tofu block into ONE large heart, then I sliced it by layer into the amount I wanted (yes…I know it’s a  little jagged, in my defense, there were children climbing all over my counter 😀 )

For a splash of pink (outside the hearts…we’re getting to the hearts in a second), I shredded some red cabbage…


The color for the hearts will come in, when you cook them. I used 1 TBS of Coconut Oil, then put in some beet juice….I simply poured it from a can of beets. SAVE the beets! They can be cut into cute little Valentines Hearts, just the right size for Tiny Fingers! 


Notice I kept the cabbage out of the frying pan…I chose to put mine in a small sauce pan with some sliced leeks.

All in all, it tastes great and it’s the perfect addition to a Valentines Day Lesson Plan or Valentines Day Family Dinner!



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