Making Green Slime!

SLIME! What Fun!!!


Lil T and I got an amazing super stupendous book from our amazing super stupendous library.  It’s called “How To Make Green Slime’ by Lori Shores.

Now, I have seen this recipe elsewhere on many occasions…actually, our local ps, has the kids make it every year in fourth grade. So, lil T…who is still attending a B&M school, will probably make it next year.  Meanwhile, my homeschooler…makes it EVERY YEAR! LOL…It’s sooooo much fun!


Here’s the Recipe…and it varies….

BUT, what worked for me was:

1/2 cup of water

Add a couple drops of Green food coloring (although, of course you can use any color)

Then add 1 to 1/2 cups of cornstarch!

Mix well! If you do it right…it will appear to crack when you dig your finger through the bowl…and you can make little balls….but they immediately become liquid again, when you relax your grip.



So if you get a break in the day…this is a fabulous project, homeschool or otherwise!


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