Crock-Pot Cooking With Flaxseed


Flax-Seed has quickly become a staple food to health food lovers everywhere. And while I’d love to say that putting the recipes for this blog together, are quick and easy, honestly, it can be time consuming. I’d love to have all  ‘thyme’ in the world (see what I did there?), however, there are days…we are flat out RUNNING to get out the door. Crock-Pot meals are utterly lifesaving, for our family ‘on-the-go’.

One of my favorites, is Flax-Seed Chicken. It’s very simple, and as always USE WHAT YOU HAVE! Keep your fridge stocked with produce and you can never go wrong. And always have a couple of cans of diced tomatoes and sauce. Typically, it’s best to use fresh, however, when it comes to throwing it all in and running out the door…the cans,  can be your best friend.

For this recipe, I got a couple of Free Range Bits. Some thighs and drumsticks, will do nicely. If you prefer boneless, a few lovely breasts will work just fine.


Start with your sauce. I used a couple cans of tomato sauce, some diced tomato, stewed tomato….yeah, I used lot’s of tomato…..mushrooms, leeks, turmeric, peppers and  flax-seed. But you can be creative. That’s just what I happened to have on hand that day. Turnips, Parsnips, Garlic and Onions would be FABULOUS! (And turmeric, also, has MANY health benefits).


Get the Crock-Pot cranked up and throw in your chicken.


And as the ever popular theme of ‘Frozen’….Let it go! Let it Go!

The longer it simmers, the better!


And in the end, you have a meal fit for a King…Or a little Prince or Princess 😉



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