Flu Soup…Yep! It’s here….

The dreaded flu…ugh. It hit my husband pretty hard last night. And it came out of nowhere. Honestly, he was fine… earlier in the day. Myself….I’ve been choking down Airborne everyday for two weeks now. It has become my MISSION to conquer this bug. Yeah…I’ll probably get it, but hopefully, my immune system will be primed and ready for such a feat.

Meanwhile, I’ve gotten rather creative. I’ve read tons of articles, all claiming to hold the CURE! Yeah…right. If that were the case, the author….would be a billionaire. However, we all know of the basic ‘bug staples’. Vitamin C, fluids, cool compresses, fever reducers, etc…..And it does make absolute sense, to keep the vitamin supply from being depleted. We need those little soldiers on the front line. Thankfully….I own a crock-pot!

I started this soup, around 6 am. This morning, he was in the thick of it. And the cough that accompanies this years flu…well it’s the cough of the decade. This got me thinking onions….clear sinuses….heat from within….tomato…carrots….celery….mmmmmmmmmm….chicken!


So without further delay: Plug in the Crock-Pot and pull out your veggies and poultry.

Here’s what’s simmering….

I chopped up a few lovely boneless breasts, then added some onion soup mix…yep, the ole onion soup mix. I always keep a box on hand. Then I chopped up some carrots, threw in some diced tomato, carrots, sage and chicken broth.  LOTS of BROTH! And of course a water base.


I added about a cup of rice, to give it some added thickness. Hardy is key.


As always, I threw in some turmeric. It’s not so much for the flavor, as it is for the health benefits. I put turmeric in every main dish. It’s not required to make the soup. As always, just be creative. Throw in what’s available. If you have some canned veggies, throw them in. Just wait until the meat is fully cooked, otherwise the veggies will be dreadfully soggy after hours of simmering. Canned veggies have already been soaking for ages. And there’s no reason to assume beef can’t be substituted for the chicken. That’s the marvelous thing about soup. It’s basically a concoction, of all your favorite veggies…(with or without meat/poultry), thrown in a giant pot and simmered to perfection. I wish I had some squash in the fridge….there’s nothing quite like big hardy chunks of squash, simmering in the pot! Maybe next week. I’m not brave enough to step foot in the grocery store right now. Too many variables…namely… hacking, coughing and feverish town folk. Yes….I know,  I’m probably already doomed…thanks dear husband;)

And while  my happy crock-pot is joyfully simmering throughout the day….Meet my two best friends….


Bleach and Lysol….


5 thoughts on “Flu Soup…Yep! It’s here….

  1. Soup is simmering on my stove too!! Flu bug still not quite done in this house… And, finally, here in Wisconsin, winter has come with a vengeance. Soup will be a nice warm topper to a very cold day..

  2. I’m a train-wreck…not from being sick, but from running all over the place. He better remember this when it’s my turn! LOL

  3. I think thats why I took so long to recover- I didn’t sleep when I had the flu. Everyone else was able to. I had to take care of everyone else and couldn’t sleep at night!! Glad to hear that you didn’t get it on top of running all over the place!

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