Citrus Mushroom Pork and Strawberry Yams


Another day, another colorful recipe. Day threeand the husband is mobile today, the flu is quietly slipping away. And to keep up the momentum, I’ve created another vitamin packed ‘sock-it-to-the-flu, flavor filled meal. As the snow continues to impress and the nights grow ever shorter, cooking continues to keep me constantly entertained, thus keeping the winter blues at bay.

Today, courtesy of Fligner’s Market, I’m cooking up some boneless chops and strawberry yams. Yes….strawberries. It would seem my cupboard is bare of brown sugar, so I’m going with a natural fruit ‘sweetener’. The aroma of steaming strawberries and yams is AMAZING! Gotta make a mental note, to absolutely do this one again!


To start, I chopped up some squash, portabella mushrooms and oranges. And since chops love sauce, I’m making a sauce of: leeks, garlic, pimento, rosemary, sage and butter.


All of this was gently sautee’d and…

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