Fruity, Spicey and Downright Delicious: Butterfly Chops


Happy New Year!

On Today’s Recipe Reveal: Butterfly Chops

Thankfully, the New Year is off to a tasty start. (Except for that whole coffee drama this morning…don’t even ask). And while out on my usual trip for fresh cuts, I came across some mouth watering juicy goodness: Thick Cut Chops, from Fligners.  Threw some produce in the cart and went home to plan my New Year’s Day Delight!


I started with the produce. As always, anything goes! The idea is to flavor the food with less salt preservatives and junk that  none of us can even pronounce, and more whole foods. So I cut up some: Leeks, Turnips, Apples, Garlic, Portabella Mushrooms, Sage, Rosemary and some assorted Peppers. 


Next I prepared the pan for those delectable chops. A generous rub down of Coconut Oil and I was ready to slice the chops.

* Don’t cut all the way through….think…

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