Buy the Damned Book

In this…the age of Kindles and iPads…the world wide net and smart phones, ones thoughts and opinions are instantly available to anyone with the desire to listen. It doesn’t seem to matter what the topic is. I’ve seen it all. Humans come in variety pack and we’ve all generally, got something…anything, to write about. I’ve seen stories of heartbreak, dispair and horror….followed by lighthearted sarcasm and smart comebacks….mixed in with the bazaar and ‘just plain wrong’. I’ve spent endless hours driving through YouTube, only to find myself in that ‘strange’ part of the internet again. If anyone cared to search my internet travels, I’d probably be commited.

My first computer was a Commodore 64. Basically, after writing an hour long program from scratch on one of these ‘state of the art’ computers…you could change the font color from white to cyan…oh yeah! It was cutting edge! And after a few years (ok…a lot of years), the internet was born. Chat Rooms were the place to be. With a custom avatar, you could be anyone in the world. Don’t like yourself? Be someone else. And the chats were…well…..usually pretty dumb. Mostly people asking for each others stats. Height, weight, hair color etc… If you got lucky, every now and then, you talked to a genuine person. There was no real way to be sure. There still isn’t. Unless you’re willing to meet Mr. Creepy in a nice dark alley…no thanks.

After a while, aspiring young authors began to fill the blank pages of the net, like wildfire. Homepages took off. Free of charge (unless you didn’t want ads), available to anyone with a keyboard. Sites like Angelfire and Yahoo Pages kicked off the era of free publishing. Everyone who was anyone, had a link. Suddenly, folks with or without and education, became the authority on everything from curing cancer, whitening teeth, child rearing, marriage, law, gardening, job interviews, money making from home, do it yourself electrical, fixing that blasted disposal, couponing *there are THOUSANDS of couponing sites*….if you can google it, there will be a self professed expert on the subject matter.

While many sites are legit….too many are not. It amazes me the amount of folks who decide whether or not to spank their kids, based on internet opinion polls. Gone are the days of Dr. Sears and Dr. Spock, or hell….even calling grandma. Why bother? Just a click away, you can have someone claiming to be ‘Sally’, wife and mother to three perfect angels. Nevermind the fact, that Sally may average 23 hours a day on the internet, may or may not even have children and while Sally is the latest internet rage in child rearing, no background check, credentials or even PROOF OF LIFE, have ever been verified.

What does this have to do with pennies you ask??? EVERYTHING! Just the sheer volume of readily available FREE material, who gives a shit who wrote it, always the number one authority on how to get rid of that unsightly pimple on your ass….why buy the book? Not only can you find out how to pop that unsightly pimple…you can WATCH it on YouTube! oh yeah….not for the faint of heart…there is actually an entire section on ‘pimple popping’ on YouTube, of which I discovered on one of my ‘weird key phrase’ trips.  Please…don’t go there.

While I’d like to blame the common core for…well….everything: fact is reading ‘Dumb’, creates ‘Dumb’.  Need to finish that term paper in a hurry? There’s a fellow named Fred somewhere in a tiny effiency, surrounded by hoards of cats, sporting the clothes he was born in, cooking up a grill cheese on his lamp shade, hates his mother and all women in general….and he’s this weeks foremost authority on protecting your cervix…free of charge, your paper on cervical cancer prevention will be chalk full of useful ‘facts’ from Fred. No need to head to the local libray, Fred’s your go-to-guy! 

I personally, don’t have any books out there. So why does this effect me?

Simple: I would like my children and grandchildren to grow up in a world, where idiocy and ‘false facts’ are no longer part of the status quo. Need medical facts…buy or borrow a MEDICAL BOOK…you know…the kind where the author is a VERIFIED MD. Better yet…go to a damned DOCTOR! Don’t know how to punish little Billy? Use common fricken common sense!!!! When did rational thinking fly out the window? In this new age of memorization education, critical thinking is no longer on the menu….want to bring it back? BUY THE DAMNED BOOK!


4 thoughts on “Buy the Damned Book

  1. Hello – I totally agree, and I definitely have a sweet spot in my heart for a physical book (I don’t own a kindle and I’d much rather read a book from the library). However, if you are smart you can find great resources online, but now we’re back to the “people don’t know how to be critical thinkers.” I do think it’s sad where we are, with so many “weird places” online, and people believing the first article they read.

  2. I agree. Many times I have found articles claiming to be fact, but a quick research hour at the local libray or a call to the doc, proves otherwise. It’s pretty disturbing. I’ve often wondered how many people have gone down the wrong path, based on internet advice. And I LOVE paper! Paper books are tangible. I can see them, feel, smell them….I know the source, the publishing company and it’s mine forever to pass down for generations to come. My favorite book is still ‘Mother Goose’. It belongs to my children now. The binding is worn, there’s a tiny juice stain on the front page from when I was eight and a full page dedication from my mother. I can’t get that on a Kindle.

  3. HAAHAAHAA!!! AmEN sista!! Good word!! I love my kindle, but I still typically grab a book rather than the books I have on kindle! I absolutely LOVE the whole spank your kid part! And that part about looking up your medical condition on the internet– so true! I have a friend who is a chiro and she laughs about that one! When you look up stuff on webmd, your just going to die. Watch out for that pimple on your a**! You can’t pop it- your gonna die!! HAHAAHAA!!! Common SENSE PEOPLE!!


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