Edible Chocolate Vanilla Bowls


Valentine’s Day  is right  around the corner and the cold monotony of winter is  setting in.

Today I found myself mixing up puddings, shaving chocolate and playing with WonTon Wraps. Oh the things you can do, with WonTons.

For this recipe:

1 package of WonTon Wraps (can be made from scratch or store bought)

2 eggs


Pudding (pick a flavor)

chocolate block (white or dark)

cupcake Pan


Start by making the puddings. Pudding is delightful when made from scratch, but for the purposes of this recipe and my immediate need for a snack, I went with instant. Both chocolate and vanilla.


While the pudding sets, prepare the WonTons. First LIGHTLY butter the cupcake pan. Set oven temp to 375~. Whisk the eggs.


To create your edible bowls, dip a corner of one WonTon in the egg, then sprinkle the egg covered corner, lightly, with sugar. Place the egg coated corner into the bottom of the cupcake pan. Repeat the egg and sugar process on a second WonTon. Place the egg coated corner on TOP of the other on. Press to fuse them together. Make sure there are no holes.


Bake for NO longer then 8 minutes. Anywhere between 5-8 and the shells should be nice and crunchy. Set to cool on a rack.


While the WonTons cool and the pudding firms, shave your block of chocolate using a cheese grater.


After  your edible WonTon bowls are cool, add your pudding and sprinkle with shaved chocolate. I chose to layer mine. Chocolate on the bottom, vanilla in the center and shavings on the top.


As always, be creative. Butterscotch, Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry….the beauty is in the belly of the beholder. Happy Snacking!




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