Persephone Star Salad: Edible Art


Ahhhh…the wonder of pomegranates!  Over the years, I’ve grown rather fond of edible art. It’s quite contrary to the whole ‘don’t play with your food’ stage of childhood. But let’s face it….food is fun!

For the ‘Persephone Star Salad’  (I so named it for the pomegranates of Greek Mythology….yes wee ones…there’s a story behind this fruit), I started with ‘flowering’ my pomegranate. To do this, cut around and remove the top. ONLY the part that is protruding. Then score the sides of the pomagranite and pop it open. Be careful not to cut the seeds…that’s a hot mess.

Next add (and this is of course, your canvas), the starfruit…


Cut your fruits according to your overall mental blueprint. I was going for an abstract  ‘flower/geometric’  feel.


Hence the broad orange slices and cubed papaya….


After arranging your fruits….


Top them with some coconut….


For this salad, I wanted citrus/melon type flavors. However, for added color….blueberries, raspberries, strawberries.….the possibilities are endless. I personally adore seeds and nuts on my  green salads. But I suppose they could work here as well. As always, feel free to tweak. The beauty is in the belly of the beholder. Happy Snacking!



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