This-An-That: Appetizers, Desserts & Drinks

So yesterday I hosted a  Party, for my daughter’s consulting business. Of course, this gave me an opportunity to work on  more recipes. 


Myself and my daughter, Katie (And grand-baby number two is hiding in there 😉 )

And we had a helper in the whole ‘set-up process ….


This is grand-baby #1….he likes to help his mommy!

For drinks, I did Rum, Vodka and Wine. For the Rum & Vodka, I tried using fresh fruit in a nutribullet….pomegranate, avocado, lemon, lime and orange. However, my friends and I noticed, the vodka seemed to neutralize the fruit… and it came out bland…so if anyone has another way to make mixed drinks with real fruit and be less bland, feel free to post below.


For a simple quick dessert, I made mock taffy….


It’s simple….marshmallows and peanut-butter….that’s it.  Then I drizzled some melted white chocolate for a topper.


For some veggies:  I went with Sweet Peppers, saute’d in Olive Oil….


Then I decided to stuff them with fresh avocado and cream cheese…

1795653_896348320399616_9000819238332378321_n 10363618_896352600399188_5267266748890954610_n 10420122_896356037065511_7086835248083774850_n  10984035_896381513729630_3220462786362573417_n


After stuffing the  cream cheese and the avocado in there, I served them on some cute little appetizer trays, I picked up at Pat Catan’s.

10984268_896376943730087_5379624819691908930_n 541618_896379557063159_8994511713555600818_n

For small sandwich bites, I sliced sausage and  garlic bread sticks.


But the real hit seemed to be the pumpkin pie with graham cracker crust, topped with drizzled white chocolate……

For my friends and family, Thank You All so much for attending….it was nice to have a gals night. And as soon as my orders come in AND I order a couple more items, I’ll  post the finished laundry room….By the time I’m done, I’ll be HYPER-organized.



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