Mixing Textures, Flavors and Temperatures

I found myself craving a melting pot of flavors and textures this morning. And with the windchill well below zero, I had all the time in the world to go a little crazy with both the food and the camera…


A side of : No Yolk Egg Noodles


With: Potato

1509243_901930536508061_2265003241919777550_n 1511151_901931289841319_2594399528490562897_n

Topped with: Apples,  Avocado, Pearl Onions, Sweet Peppers and Garlic

18409_901946153173166_7843051386807621425_n 15352_901951406505974_1213880017159108945_n

Sauteed and topped with : Mozzarella Pearls

[I’m not too keen on these two pics, but my screen is still banged up and I can’t tell if they’re focused until they’re uploaded. Plus, they’re part of my ‘food story’….man….I really love playing with food.]


Served with: Breaded Chops

10931219_901954113172370_7857273206423190886_n 1507693_901952586505856_2192391472778939805_n

And I had company……


I know, I’ve been asked already…yes we eat our biggest meal in the mornings. We need the energy throughout the day. It never made any sense to me…to eat at 6 pm and then go to bed?!?!

If you get bored and maybe a winter storm is blocking your Direct TV signal (rolling eyes…we all know how often that happens), go play in the kitchen. There’s something about mixing flavors, textures and temps…….it’s bliss……


4 thoughts on “Mixing Textures, Flavors and Temperatures

  1. Right? That makes more sense. I don’t want to eat a bunch of stuff at night, when I’m in need of energy throughout the day. Mind you…I drink an INSANE amount of coffee! LMAO…INSANE amount….I know…that’s bad….but I HAVE TO HAVE IT!


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