Nut Job Salad


The recipe? Just run your cart through the produce isle…


Maybe a short walk through the cheese isle. Then go ahead and pack a suitcase for the nut isle.

Greens may ‘seem’ simple, but actually…there’s nothing simple about them. Every line, every wrinkle…..grown over time, watered, tended to in every way…they should be a staple in every home. We’re so quick to grab the sugar, the processed microwave ready...can’t even pronounce half the crap in it….why? I’m told “it’s the cost”...ummmm no.

I’ve spent 65$ on produce and FILLED my cart to the brim. Produce is not expensive. Find the right market and I’m  good to go. Take the Cleveland West Side Market, I  go there after two and the vendors are begging me to take the stuff. They get a new delivery daily and they HAVE to sell it quick! I’ve paid 1$ for 8…

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