My heart lies somewhere in my veggie patch…..

What with all the lovely rain, flooding and overall wacky weather in my neck of the woods, my garden has really taken off. The only bad part is, it’s so dang hot! I really need to get on the weeds, but I fear I shall melt!

Last year, I decided to pull all my Holly bushes, among other things, and slowly make the transition to an edible lanscape.


Of course, dill being dill…it has taken center stage along the side of the house. And the smell is fantastic!


And of course, an herb garden would be incomplete without chamomile.

19409_972640986103682_6992631101704404031_n 11138078_972642036103577_8864245285999331339_n

Cabbage and green beans….and so far, the rabbits are leaving them alone….although, I’m pretty sure they’re tormenting my neighbor.


Of course, no meal is complete without Sweet Basil!

This year, my strawberries have taken off as well! I’m pleasantly suprised! It took three years to get that plant to establish itself. But I think it’s due to the fact, I removed a shrub that was seriously bilking the sun.


(Again, and I believe I did do a review on it, but I’m still using an HTC phone for the pictures…so…they’re washed out and rather bland. You really can’t beat the iPhone when it comes to photos in a pinch. However, for the time being I’m staying with the HTC. )

And here’s just a few more snap shots….

11390103_963293457038435_4215178689017229851_n 11113018_963293860371728_7983599390234696565_n 11428051_963293807038400_2702905021463615412_n

Once I start harvesting (and I really can’t wait for the peas!)….I’ll have some new recipes to go along with my new edible landscape.

~ A great tea…..chamomile and mint leaves 😉


2 thoughts on “My heart lies somewhere in my veggie patch…..

  1. Beautiful pic! I need to get to my weeds also. It’s been really hot and I’m worried they will be 5 feet tall before I can get out there!


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