Humans of New York: The Human Condition…In Spades

Humans Of New York ….what a concept. We live in an age where everyone has an agenda, the media thrives on stirring the pot; by pointing out our differences and global distrust runs rampant. It’s rather refreshing to see the human condition as commonplace and not some sort of disease requiring yet another prescription drug. 

For those who don’t know, HONY was created by a man named Brandon Stanton. The idea was genius and the execution...flawless. Take a photo of the average human, add a small relatable commentary: something the subject said…and viola! A full artistic rendering of the human condition.

I’ve been following HONY since it began. Each day I wake-up and scroll through my facebook feed, looking for my daily HONY fix. And each day, I get a small glimpse into the heart and mind of a human miles and miles away. From the photo of a child’s sneakers, caption reading that she was afraid to go home. To the man who works 13 hour days and fears he’s somehow failing his beautiful wife. I also got a glimpse into the lives of the humans in Iran, when Brandon traveled there.

The world as a whole, is not a collection of countries and barriers. I know it may seem that way. But that’s just the leadership on all fronts. It’s sort of like a game and we’re all the pawns. The truth is, I think anywaymost of us prefer peace. Most of us…meaning the majority, are not actually in charge of anything. We like to pretend, but sorry….it’s just not so.

And we sure like to classify, don’t we? We like to refer to people as a ‘group’  or  ‘blanket judge’. We pick a country, religion or race; point out the horrors and then judge the whole lot. HONY does the opposite. It yanks us out from under the blanket and shows us as individuals. Creative, Artistic, Dirty, Tidy,  Nutty, Amazing, Beautiful, Hardworking, Joyful, Woeful, Proud, Intelligent,  Colorful … the full range of the emotional spectrum ….and HUMAN! 

Cultures are admired for both their simplicity and their complexities. Differences are shown as a magnificent work of art, something to cherish… not pull away from in repulsion.

And as I watch the daily picture show, scroll through me feed, I often do feel like I’m wandering through the halls of a monumental museum. A living breathing work of art that we call  ‘Earth’.

So check it out…Humans of New York



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