Welcome to another year of blindly following…


It’s that time of year again…when my children head back for their lessons on mediocrity and fitting in with the status quo. Meanwhile, teachers are joyfully preparing for another year of being told what to teach. Although, I’m sure they’ve paid in the thousands for a degree in their field in the hopes of instilling a love of learning in students, only to find that their primary goal is teaching their students: how to test well, what their students should think and how to do so in the least offensive manner…as per government instruction….and it really doesn’t matter what’s going on in the life of the child or the parents, as the teacher will undoubtedly be held accountable for the end result...even though technically…they aren’t allowed to teach. Ahhhhhh….bliss.

And I will spend 90% of my day, trying to undo the sheep mentality, fill in the missing spots of the watered down politically correct social studies curric and over-all wildly rip my hair out when my son comes homes with a full page worksheet asking him to explain and draw a diagram to solve the age old problem of 2 + 2.

At some point we’ll try to find some good old fashioned ‘park’ time, as we wouldn’t want the kids to fidget while tolling away on yet another ‘sit still and stare at the board for 8 hours’ type of day. But don’t worry….I’m sure if they do fidget, there’s some sort of government drug I can put them on. Who needs to actually get up and stretch their legs anyway?

Welcome to the start of a new blissful school year! Have A Fantastic Year! (Gag…cough…sputter…)

On a side note: My mother was a teacher and Guidance Counselor. Times have changed a bit since she started teaching, but it was my mother’s instruction at home….or should a say ‘un-teaching’, as in her allowing me to voice my own opinions and views (actually…she encouraged it), that allowed me to discover who I am. I was allowed to disagree and given the opportunity to articulate my own view point. There was never only one ‘right’ way. Thanks for that mom. You didn’t always agree with me and actually…you took the time to debate it out. In doing so, you showed me that my voice mattered. Sometimes, I moved over to your side, at other times…you moved over to mine. Either way, just you taking the time to have the discussion…that’s the true essence of teaching. You Rock! Hopefully, I am instilling those same principals in my own children (actually….I know I am. Little stinkers are pretty darn stubborn!)


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