Wontons and Ambrosia

Nothing says fall, quite like Ambrosia Chocolate. It’s the perfect shade of brown and the aroma fills us with memories of holiday’s past.

On today’s menu: Wontons and Ambrosia. It’s extremely simple and as always, a shout out to where I found my ingredients…Fligners… Thank you, the produce, the meats and the lovely chocolate look fantastic.

To start:

homefreekids.com Wonton Wraps

homefreekids.com Wonton Wraps

Wontons must be lightly coated in the incredible edible egg….


Then gently coat the wraps in Cinnamon and Sugar….


After coating the wraps, fold them into any form you please. I tend to just fold them over….and place them on an oiled cookie sheet. 

12015202_1023045274396586_4220296107621033702_o 12006532_1023046424396471_3025585747424618457_o

Bake at 350 for 8 minutes. They should be slightly ‘chewy’...or if your preference is crispy, just add a few minutes and keep an eye on them.

Shred about 1/2 cup Ambrosia


Lightly coat finished Wontons, while still warm….


Wontons and Ambrosia Chocolate homefreekids.com

And Serve!


Wontons and Ambrosia Chocolate homefreekids.com

As always…feel free to tweek! The taste is in the tongue of the beholder….



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